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Brendan Gould

Co-owner | Chief Executive Officer |
Guardianship Coordinator

Brendan received his BA in Liberal Arts from St. Ambrose in Davenport, IA in 2002. He has been certified by the CGC since 2006 and belongs to the NGA. Brendan started in this field as a direct care staff and is passionate about advocating for those with mental illness & developmental disabilities. He is currently pursing a MSW at NM Highlands.

Maria Gould

​Co-owner | Administrative Manager

Maria received her BA in Liberal Arts from UNM in 2009. She co-founded HGS in 2010 and has since acted as the administrative director and majority shareholder. She is also in charge of the federal fiduciary program and all representative payee services.

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Cate Campbell

Chief Operating Officer | Guardianship Coordinator

Cate has a professional history of working with both adults and children diagnosed with behavioral and developmental disabilities. She began in the field as a direct care staff and began working in guardianship in 2019. Cate has a BS in Sociology from Eastern New Mexico University and is a CGC-certified guardian.

Lindsay Rutland

Quality Assurance & Database Manager | Guardianship Coordinator


Lindsay received her BA in Psychology from UNM in 2006. She received her MS in Clinical Psychology from San Jose State University in 2010. She started in this field as direct care staff, working primarily with children and adolescents, and has practiced as a licensed therapist in Albuquerque since 2011. She is a nationally certified guardian through the CGC.

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Kimmie Jordan

Treatment Guardianship Compliance Officer | Guardianship Coordinator

Kimmie Jordan is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practioner and Independently Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that has worked in the behavioral health field since 2000. She currently has a private practice in Alamogordo, NM providing direct services, mental health contracting, and consulting. She specialized in working with individuals and families affected by mental health conditions and is very active with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Association of New Mexico. She is a CGC-certified guardian.

Samantha Williams

​Guardianship Coordinator


Samantha has over 8 years of experience working for a non-profit organization serving adults with developmental disabilities, many dual diagnosed. Over that time she worked with many different individuals with disabilities and mental illnesses ranging from mild to profound. Samantha is compassionate and empathetic. She enjoys working directly with people. She is a CGC certified guardian.


Jean Martinez

​Guardianship Coordinator


Jean has served as a Treatment Guardian in Northern New Mexico since 2007. Her kind demeanor and passion serve her well in the field and she enjoys serving her clients as best she can. Jean is a nationally certified guardian through the CGC.

Cory Rutland

​Guardianship Coordinator


Cory is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LPCC) with experience working with adolescents and families. He has worked for the NM Department of Health for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. He has conducted trainings on sexuality and intellectual disability, suicide, and attachment. He is a CGC certified guardian.


Isaac Chase

​Guardianship Coordinator


Isaac received a BA in Psychology from UNM in 2019 and a Master’s in Social Work in 2022 from New Mexico Highlands University. He has been certified by the CGC since 2021. Isaac has a passion for advocacy and social justice for those with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. He also independently practices as a Behavior Support Consultant for individuals on the Developmental Disabilities Waiver.


Tina Good

​Guardianship Coordinator


Tina received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She has over 25 years of experience working with adults with mental illness and developmental/intellectual disabilities. Tina has worked as a health facility surveyor and also an investigator with the Department of Health. She served as a court visitor for 10 years and has prior experience as a guardian. Tina is a nationally certified guardian through the CGC.


Linda Greene

​Guardianship Coordinator


Linda has been working with people with disabilities and mental illness for many years in different roles. She has provided direct care staffing, and she is also a Treatment Guardian with Honor Guardianship Services. Linda is a nationally certified guardian through the CGC.


Treatment Guardianship

Honor Guardianship Services operates the only Corporate Treatment Guardianship program in the State of New Mexico. We have over 30 contractors throughout the State that provide services for this program. All Treatment Guardianship contractors must complete a training course in order to provide Treatment Guardianship services.

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